Palmer Agri Parts Limited

Spaldings Products

Palmer Agri Parts Direct Ltd is Spaldings New Zealand sole dealer.

Spaldings specialise in replacement wearing parts for most leading agricultural machinery, in particular those soil, crop or grass engaging parts which are subject to constant wear and tear. In-house design and metallurgical testing facilities ensure all parts are of the highest quality. Wherever possible wearing parts are redesigned to give a longer working life than those supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. The core product range consists of: plough, subsoiler and cultivation parts.

Their current product range stands at over 10,000 lines, many unique and available only from Spaldings. To see their full range click the Spaldings button above.

We also stock a range of Spalding Power Harrows. Click this link to go to the Spalding website to check what is available.

Select from the small sample of Spaldings product list below.

Besson B2 Bodies Besson T8 Bodies Dowdeswell DD Bodies
Dowdeswell DDS Bodies Dowdeswell SCN Bodies Dowdeswell Skimmer
Dowdeswell UCN Bodies Kuhn H4 Bodies Kuhn HB4 Bodies
Kuhn HB4 Slatted Bodies Kverneland No. 1-5 Bodies Kverneland No. 8 Bodies
Kverneland No. 9 Bodies Kverneland No. 19 Bodies Lemken BS20, B24, B25H, B30
Lemken BS40 Lemken C40 Lemken CD
Lemken Disc Skimmer Lemken LWS Lemken W52
Lemken Weld on strip Naud RN and RX Overum XL
Ransome SCN Ransome Skimmer Ransome UCN
Vogel UL, ULST, MPK Vogel UN, UST Vogel WS, WY
Potato Crop Prep - Dowdeswell Potato Crop Prep - Dowdeswell, Grimme Potato Crop Prep - Grimme
Potato Crop Prep - Grimme, Pearson Potato Crop Prep - Reekie